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The Colours of Darkness

While this album is only just over 30 minutes long, Trance Lucid delivers a wonderful performance. Trance Lucid is made up of Dave Halverson on guitars and keyboards, Terry Lee on drums, and Bill Noertker on bass. What they manage to accomplish is an album that is thought provoking and wonderful to listen to. Having never heard any of their previous work, I was able to listen to them as a blank slate. I was not disappointed.

The Colours of Darkness is an aptly named album. It contains of 6 instrumental fusion tracks that have a darker feel to them. The dark feeling doesnít come from a heaviness or from a metal sound, which this album certainly does not have. Instead, it is the mood that is set in the melodies. One can see listening to this on a cold, cloudy autumn day. The first track, called "The Birds of Years Past", is a well put together piece that displays the bandís ability to play their instruments without trying to show off. Terry Lee resists the temptation to prove that he is a masterful musician by overplaying and instead lays down a solid groove track after track. Mix that with Bill Noertkerís bass work, and you have a solid rhythm section.

Dave Halversonís guitar playing is both tasteful and heartfelt. He is as strong a composer as anyone out there. The melodies are so thought provoking and moving that one canít help but to keep the cd on repeat cycle so that it can be heard again and again. This cd is a must have.

-Tim Blake, progscape.com

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