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The Colours of Darkness

What I have in my sweaty hands today is a 25-minute, 6 song EP by a guitar-oriented instrumental art-rock trio.

According to the band’s website, this EP explores “Trance Lucid’s darker side” and the word “new age” is used to describe some of their other work. So it would appear that I lucked into the disc in their catalog that would suit me the best.

The songs are guitar driven and cinematic. They can play it fun and strangely quirky (“Perilous”) and they can be dark and foreboding (“Skating”, “A Burning Ship”) carrying a real sense of place in the production. I especially like the groove that develops in the title track; good driving music.

These guys can play with subtlety and style. No one can question their grasp of production and mastering. They’ve made a high quality recording with lots of spatiality and breathing room.

The songs are nice and short, two of them clock in at under 3 minutes. They get in, say what they mean to say and get out without a lot of fuss and BS. Refreshing. There’s no question that I could easily enjoy a CD of this kind of music that’s twice this length.

My one knock is that there’s not a lot of meat in the songwriting. There aren’t any really memorable melodies and themes introduced that stick with me. I don’t find myself humming along to any of these songs. It’s like aural Chinese food, damn tasty at the time, but I’m hungry for something else shortly after I consume it.

By the way, about that title- that’s the British spelling of “Colours”; pretty funny for a band from Oakland, CA. Is it an inside joke or pretension to something else?

– Progressive Ears

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