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Located somewhere between 70's Euro-flavored, progressive, melodic instrumentals and 90's New Age jazz, the debut effort from the up-and-coming, St. Louis-based Trance Lucid offers music lovers some very amiable sounds indeed. Written and arranged by group guitarist Dave Halverson, Arise is brimming with atmospheric guitar-based compositions highlighting Halverson's mightily impressive fretboard finesse. On one hand, Halverson sounds tastefully influenced by progressive rock ax-greats like Steve Howe, though he just as easily shifts gears by delving into original panoramic soundscapes of inspired modern Americana. Co-produced and engineered by group member Paul Su, this quartet has been getting rave reviews back in St. Louis. After giving this worthy album a good twice over myself, I'm convinced that guitar devotees, instrumental buffs, and New Age/Jazz listeners will find that Arise offers a splendid spin for their money.

-Robert Silverstein
Time and A Word, Autumn 1996

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