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If I were limited to just one word to describe Trance Lucid's first album, Arise, it would be vibrant. Dave Halverson (guitar, bass, keyboards), Terry Lee (drums, percussion), Steve Jacobs (saxophone), Paul Su and Scott Lowrey have combined their many talents and have given us a superior musical collection.

Produced by Paul Su and leader Dave Halverson, Arise is a delightful and eclectic mix of refreshing musical compositions. In the eleven tracks, I can guarantee something for everyone, so varied are these original melodies.

The music on Arise was written and arranged by Dave Halverson and engineered by Paul Su. Their unique synergy results in imaginative textures and layering so indicative of only the best recordings. Arise draws on a variety of musical styles including jazz and rock, with overtones of upliftment and joy.

This debut album has the sound, feel and maturity of a group who have been at the top of the charts for 10 years. Arise is a gem. Each song will stimulate your imagination and conjure up a journey to another place. And so, I must add transportive and expressive to the adjectives that best descibe this selection of compelling instrumentals!

- Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews

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