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Palace of Ether

Palace of Ether is a very unique instrumental work that sounds like a jazzy neo-psych cocktail album. This isn't challenging fusion with complicated meters or an album filled with fiery buzz-saw psychedelic solos. The music creates a calm mood to soothe the soul, thus befitting the name of Trance Lucid. I haven't really heard anything quite like it, but it fits comfortably within a handful of genres I do listen to often. Definitely a cool niche Dave Halverson and band have going here.

I've read reviews that inevitably compare it to post rock, and that's probably fair, but to me Trance Lucid points to an earlier era. Palace of Ether comes off as authentic late 60s cool jazz, played with rock instruments, rather than a 2000 facsimile of it. I'll let the genre warriors fight over that, but wanted to express my own feelings about it.

-Tom Hayes

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