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Palace of Ether

Trance Lucid is an Oakland, California-based instrumental art rock/jazz band which is releasing their fifth album, Palace of Ether, this year. This is their first studio recording since 2005's The Colours of Darkness. Trance Lucid is made up of founding members Dave Halverson, on guitar; Terry Lee, on drums; and they have added keyboardist Richard Bugbee.

Palace of Ether is an over 51 minute masterpiece of solid deep, chunky bass, lightning bolt lead guitar, solid rhythmic drums, and excellently punctuated keyboards. Every track is a winner from the gifted instrumentalist standpoint. My favorites were: 'TM', 'Spyglass', 'Illumination', 'Pocket', 'The Crossing', and 'Dream of Antiquity'. They even take a somewhat bluesier tone as the album progresses. I like lyrics and a story with my music; however, I would easily recommend this album to anyone interested in instrumental art rock mixed well with jazzier sounds.

-Mark Johnson, Sea of Tranquility

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