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The Colours of Darkness

I gotta tell you that the mention of jazz rock doesn’t really get me all that excited… but getting my hands on the new release of a Dave Halverson album piques my interest since there is something very distinct about any music that he has a hand in. In this particular instance, there is most definitely a sinister shade that tinges the whole of this album, and so it is aptly named. Halverson, and by extension Trance Lucid, have a driving force that pushes each of their compositions ahead, and the minor keys create visuals that evoke the journeys of picaresque characters slashing their way through a rough-edged world. The twist though, is that there is nothing rough or jagged about this music. These characters don’t careen or stumble through their adventures; no, they positively saunter. So cool, yet their very gaze reveals a stare that smolders, cruising through this 2-bit town like they own the very earth beneath their feet.

-JD, hybridmagazine.com

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