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The header on the promo sheet bills this as "enchanted instrumental music", while other references are made to a "new" form of "new age". I'll tell you one thing, this is some VERY unique music, no matter what you call it! Elements of fusion, straight jazz, new age, and all of the above are blended (at times with some degree of ferocity) to yield an extremely enjoyable mix! Strong rhythms, crystal-clear (but NOT overbearing) lead guitars and some subtle harmonics bring all those elements of style together in one of the most forward-looking musical pleasure events I've had occasion to listen to in years. If you're looking for throwaway "funk", forget it; the music is well thought-out and will have you coming back frequently for another "taste"! The group sent the CD in as a result of a listing in the CMC, of which they are members...we've received some fine material from CMC members, and this ranks right at the TOP of the best! For those interested in what "jazz" in the 21st century will sound like, this is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

--Improvijazzation Nation #25

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